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Of all the questions I’ve fielded through dozens of media interviews since the release of The Synthesis Effect, Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation,  ( the one I get most often is, ” Just what does Synthesis do, how does it work? 

It’s difficult to supply a pat answer to that question that would make sense to everyone, since Synthesis was designed to address issues across the spectrum of the human experience and behavior and everyone has their own stuff, their own issues to deal with.  One thing I can say though, is that almost all the issues one could list would involve some imbalance in physical, emotional or spiritual energy, and usually all three are involved. In that idea lies an answer to the question that I think works pretty well.   I’m going to ask you to take yourself back in time…

Remember your first two-wheeler?  For most of us, getting that first bike is the thrill of our young  lifetime, and most often we start out with training wheels. So think back to that time.


At first, the sheer joy of riding a two-wheeler was probably more than satisfying, but it probably didn’t take too long to get restless; the training wheels slowed you down and made turning a very clunky maneuver. And, of course, you looked around and saw all the “big kids” cruising the neighborhood on their bikes– no training wheels– and they were going faster and farther and just gliding along– smoothly, blithely going around the corners and leaving you in the dust. 


If you were like most kids, it made you feel less than, sort of broken, and it created an urge, an ache to get rid of the training wheels and be a “big kid” yourself. You just knew it had to be better.  Remember?


Now, do you remember having someone–your mom or dad– finally agreeing to taking them off? You may have started by removing one of the two, so riding got a little better, but it was still clunky.  So, you finally begged for complete removal and you began to learn to ride the bike the way it’s supposed to be ridden– on two wheels! 


At  first, it was all you could do to stay up at all.  (I remember making it about twenty yards before I rode or rather crashed right into the neighbors hedge. ) you wobbled and wiggled and maybe crashed a few times, and then, all of a sudden, bam, you got it; you were up up and riding and it’s as natural as breathing, you felt like you’ve been doing it all your life. That delicious joy of feeling balance and flow and speed, of leaning into a corner and accelerating as you came out of it was indescribable. Yahoo! you were finally one of the “big kids!”


Well, that’s what Synthesis and the Synthesis Effect is all about; creating balance, and flow and ease in our lives– physically, emotionally and spiritually. We create alignment and integration of both our conscious, cognitive mind and the more powerful and massive subconscious and spiritual mind, using all natural and very powerful tools, techniques and traditions, both ancient and ultra modern.


That’s why I call the process Synthesis; we combine disparate ingredients to produce a more cohesive and powerful whole, and both quickly and profoundly.


Once once you get it, your life becomes a lot of fun; things go your way, you learn to create and manifest whatever you want, in any area of your life you want. And to take the bike metaphor a step further, you know the old cliche, “I’ts like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.” Well, once you learn Synthesis, it’s very much the same thing.  You might forget to do it for a while, but you can always go back if you begin to feel that broken feeling again.


And finally, once you learn it, all you have to do to maintain that feeling of power,  balance and flow is a little daily maintenance; it is time that you know is very well spent. How? Because you feel incredible!


As always, I invite your comments and questions. And if there is a particular subject you’d like me to cover, or a question you’d like answered, just let me know.