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How Negative Thoughts can Become Your Greatest Obstacle to Success

It is said that skepticism is healthy, but cynicism can be utterly destructive. Perhaps it is our inability to discern between the two that leads us into negative thinking.

To understand why you need to avoid negative thinking,you need to understand how it is an obstacle to meeting both your short-term and long-term goals.

Fuels Lethargy

If you find yourself ignoring tasks that you should be working on, you need to pay attention to your negative thoughts.

Procrastination is often associated with negative emotions such as fear and apathy. Negative thoughts use up your mental and physical energy. They leave you weak and susceptible to intimidation. Adopt a more positive outlook and watch yourself move mountains.


Negativity breeds even more negativity. The more you move away from a positive attitude the more you are likely to wander off into bitterness. This will leave you constantly angry and irritable. The more you tell yourself, “I can never do it” or “my life sucks” the more you are likely to believe it.

Blaming Others

There comes a time when negative thoughts turn into frustrations. Especially if you’ve been telling yourself that you are not good enough. Even though these thoughts are directed to you and your abilities,frustration can lead you to start turning on others. You may begin to feel that those around you are to blame. To avoid this focus on what you can control and ignore the rest.

Alienate Loved Ones

Negative thoughts can make you suspicious of those close to you. You can begin to blame colleagues at work or friends for your perceived tribulations. You may find that people ignore you, even when they sympathize with your situation.

Even strangers may notice your negative attitude which may be evident in the way you talk or act. To make the most of every aspect of your life, adopt a positive attitude in all you do.