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What my clients and students have to say

“I was at a party and one of my friends asked me what had been my highlight for the year. I thought about it and then replied, ‘meeting and working with Dr. John McGrail. He has helped me accomplish something I never thought I could.’ I eat so healthily now, I exercise when I can, and I’m feeling so good! This is a lifestyle I can live with for the rest of my life. Thank you, John, for helping me to help myself!”

-Miriam M. Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“Well, all the work we’ve done paid off! I’ve met a beautiful woman and recently enjoyed my first evening of intimacy in 8 years! I am not sure what will happen next between us but I am open to all possibilities. I would be content with a relationship developing or just leaving it where it is… So, I just wanted to let you know, thank you for all your help, and confirm what you probably already know: it works! Add another success story to your list. Thanks Doc.”

-Dennis L. High School Teacher, Santa Monica, CA

“You are a terrific communicator! I was amazed by how you made so much information so understandable so fast! What a great class”

– Bret Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA

“I am still amazed that I simply don’t think about smoking any more— I mean I think about it now and then, but it’s simply not an option and that’s it, I’m done. Thank you, Dr. McGrail, for helping me through this in such a painless manner. You’re the best!”

-Jackie P. Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles, CA

“My sessions with Dr. John have had such an incredible impact on so many aspects of my life. Where previously I struggled with my weight and self-confidence, John helped me develop a positive focus for my life that he then reinforced through the hypnotic suggestions. It was all a very natural and pleasurable experience.”

-Ashlie L. Media Executive, NY, NY

“Thanks, Dr. John; with that very short, short meeting, you changed my life completely.”

– Vee C. CPA, Los Angeles, CA

“As a CEO, it is my responsibility to maintain a level head and balanced outlook when making critical business decisions. The stress of my role combined with the pace of modern life was manifesting itself in negative behavioral patterns. Through a series of treatments, Dr. McGrail has led me to a point that allows me to monitor and maintain a sense of mental balance and positive energy in my life.”

-Chris. R. Corporate CEO, Brooklyn, NY

“I think you are an excellent teacher.” You made the material so clear and the day was also a lot of fun. Thank you for a great class.”

-Maryann Brady, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for forever changing my life for the better. You have helped me with issues that have been problems for me since childhood. You are truly a professional and I highly recommend you to family and friends.”

– Gehrin O. Mortgage Broker, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for of your expert professional help—I will be grateful for many, many years that I was lead to you.”

-Brooke M. Business Executive, Los Angeles, CA

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first went to see Dr. John, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The biggest thing I learned is that I have the power to make changes in my life. For me, this was much more powerful than traditional therapy in overcoming my particular struggle. For those of you who are skeptical of hypnotherapy I urge you to see Dr. John—your ideas (and life) will completely change!”

– Elizabeth C. Esthetician, Los Angeles, CA

“The simplest way to explain it—when I talk to John, my blood pressure lowers and I feel inspired and in charge of my life. He has demonstrated to me how powerful the mind is… and while I’m a skeptic by nature, I think he’s on to something. He reminds me that “life is supposed to be fun.”

-Anne M. Artist, Los Angeles, CA

“Wonderful! Empowering! Life Changing! I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved it. Forget what you know about self-improvement; this is like nothing else. It’s all about YOU and helping you improve YOUR life.”

– Sarah L. Storrs, CT

“Absolutely amazing. Life changing! Don’t hesitate for a moment – go see him today!!! There’s no way I could give him a higher approval or recommendation!”

-Chase M. Reno, NV