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Are you feeling stuck in your life, and wondering how to get past it? Do you ever feel like you’ve got tons of questions and not enough answers? Is it difficult to plan your next move, or even more important, see the bigger strategy?

If your answer to any one or more of these questions was yes, then this video might be helpful, as it’s a little primer on both the value of personal coaching and some tips for finding a good one.

Hi! It’s Dr. John. I’m going to talk today a little bit about the concept of a personal coach. It’s a very popular subject and it’s becoming a very popular profession. Is a personal coach worth it? And If so, why? Let’s start a little bit about context. When I think about a personal coach, I think about personal growth. What does that mean?

To me, it means improving the quality of your life. You may have issues with your career, or relationships or the way you feel about yourself. Perhaps you’d like a little bit more self-confidence or self-assurance or self-esteem. In these cases, a lot of times a personal coach can be very valuable. Why? Because we are naturally resistant to change. Human beings are hard-wired both physiological and evolutionarily to resist change.

Even though we know that change would be good for us, it’s difficult to make it happen and make it stick and a personal coach can help that. It’s the same with an Athlete. An Athlete only gets to be a great athlete through coaching. You’d never see a football team go to the Super Bowl without a coach or a coaching staff. And so why should we try to get through something as complex as our lives and improve the way our lives are working without a little help?

After all, we already get help with many areas of our lives, like with our food— very few of us grow our own food. Not too many of us fix our own cars. In other words, we all rely on others to assist us with many of the aspects of living. And so if you’re trying to make a change in your life, because you want your life to be more enjoyable—in my method, rule number one is that life is supposed to be fun; and that means you really like what you are doing, you like the way you are living, you like yourself— a good coach can be very helpful.

Now, what do you look for in a coach? Here are some key things you might consider: First and foremost— look for someone who is well trained and well experienced. There are a lot of coaches out there; some of them are very good and some of them are not so good. Call a bunch of people. Talk to them; ask them about their training, ask about their experience, and ask about how they go about doing what they do. You have to feel comfortable with their methods. There are a lot of ways of going about it. For instance with my synthesis method, we use conscious energy, we use unconscious energy and a wide array of tools, techniques and traditions, and that allows me to really tailor my programs to giving my clients what they need that fits their sensibility and core values. You want someone who understands you and what you want to accomplish and that has the tools and expertise to help you in a way that’s as easy as possible and enjoyable.

Second— try to find someone who’s done a little living. When you’ve lived a little bit, you have a little bit more experience and that really is helpful in a coaching situation like this because a good, experienced, well trained coach or life coach brings a much better frame of reference to the lessons that you’d like to learn.
Finally, Fees—– how much do they charge? Well, you know, personal coaches can charge a $100/ hour or a $1000/hour and generally speaking I have to say that you tend to get what you pay for. You don’t want to pay so much that you feel broke at the end of the day but a really good, experienced coach will probably be a little bit more expensive, but well worth it in terms of the results you get.

The bottom line is this, do some research, make some calls and choose the person you are most comfortable with not necessarily with what they charge or don’t charge but because of how you feel. It’s a very, very personal relationship and if you get the right match, your life will grow immeasurably both quickly and profoundly. So is a personal coach worth it? Absolutely! Life is supposed to be fun. You deserve it, so go get it.