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       S.M.A.R.T Goals and the Law of Attraction

Wow, it’s February already!

Let me start by expressing my appreciation to everyone out there who reached out with their comments and questions regarding S.M.A.R.T goals and creating change for themselves.

While the story was written mostly in relation to New Years resolutions, in fact I work with people throughout the year who come to me to make some resolution work for them; remember a resolution is about creating change in your life;  it starts with a thought, a desire to do or have  something, and then a decision to act.

One frequently occurring theme in the comments and questions I got involved your curiosity as to my take on harnessing the law of attraction in order to make resolutions and S.M.A.R.T goals actually happen and stick.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the law of attraction, it is deceptively simple: That which is like unto itself is attracted.

Another way to state it is to say that like attracts like— things that are similar attract one another; birds of a feather flock together, as ye reap so shall ye sow, etc. etc.

And if you’re about to ask, What about the old saw that says, “opposites attract,” my responses would be that what may appear opposite at first blush, is probably more alike than it first appears. Take relationships, for example, where say, an introvert is attracted to an extrovert; they get together and the sparks fly! (At least for awhile).

While it may appear that they are opposite, what is often the case it that they are just representing the opposite characteristics of the same issue— something is missing from them as individuals, they have an insecurity about it, and they are trying to fill that missing piece with someone else’s energy.

So in reality they are like unto themselves, both insecure, both trying to fill energetic voids, and often doomed as a couple. But I digress; we’ll save that subject for another day. This story is about leveraging the law of attraction to get what we want. 

So, how do S.M.A.R.T. goals help us use this powerful law of energy flow? Let’s start with a very quick review of what makes a S.M.A.R.T goal:

S— your goal must be specific and simple.

M— your goal must be meaningful and measurable to you. If it really doesn’t mean much or you can’t measure it by answering the simple question, how will I know when I have it, you need to do more work on defining the goal, or why invest any energy into attaining it? Remember, the law of attraction is about the flow of energy.

A— your goal must be achievable, and it’s best to know how it will improve all areas of your life, so you can begin to act as if it’s already attained.

R— your goal must be realistic and responsible, or ecological. Your goal should benefit you, of course, and it should also benefit the greater good in some way. (This is not so hard to fathom as you might think.)

T— your goal must be timed (realistically), and you must focus on moving toward it as soon as possible.

Now let’s look at the law of attraction and the flow of energy…

The law of attraction is based upon the simple premise that energy in nature flows along lines of attraction—think of gravity for example.

We humans are, in effect, simply energy machines; we are the energy of consciousness inhabiting another energetic entity called the body. This process we call living is essentially the process of exchanging energies with our environment. We take energy in, in a multitude of ways, and we project energy out in a multitude of ways. (You can find a much more in depth discussion of this in the Quantum Reality Equation, one of the models I use for helping people create change and transformation in my book, The Synthesis Effect.)

So when you think of the law of attraction, simply remember that you are like a radio station with a transmitter and an antenna.

The energy you are taking in, that you are attracting, is the result of the energy you are putting out or transmitting. And it always works that way, not the other way round.

Most people’s big error is that they think that they can want something, say more money, and somehow, while they are projecting the energy of scarcity and insufficiency, (“Darn, I don’t have enough money, I’m poor.”) they will attract the wealth and abundance they desire. It never happens that way. N-E-V-E-R!

So, if you want to attract something, like a new job, or more money, or a soul mate, or whatever, does it not make sense to have a “vision” (which can be a picture, a sound, a feeling, or some combination of these sensory representations) of what it is you want so you know what to project or transmit out?

And if what you want is defined and projected from you into the universal energy of your environment S.M.A.R.T-LY, it is very well defined; it has a shape, features, focus, and the all important energies of anticipation, excitement, intention, expectation, and  the delicious satisfaction you will feel when you attain it. You are giving the universal energy field a clear definition of the energy you want to attract, and also a clear and distinct path to travel, and thus it can then do so more quickly.

A great analogy to this can be found in an energy we are all familiar with: electricity. Electricity can be an enormously powerful energy. When it is in its wildest, natural state—lightning—it can build and gather force up in the atmosphere and then ka-pow, it strikes! But where?  

Lightning can strike anywhere, including in places we don’t want it to. However, when we set up transmission lines from point A to Point B, and purposefully focus and send electricity through the lines, we can harness is power and send it right to where we want it and need it to be, and it can do what we want it and need it to do.

So we might say that the process of setting S.M.A.R.T goals is like setting up power lines between our transmitters, the universe and our antennas, harnessing the flow of universal energy right where we want it to flow— to us, and in the way we want it to be, in the form of our desires, our goals.

The key to all this is to be very consistent with projecting the energy of our S.M.A.R.T goals into the universe and in just the way we want things to be, not as they are. And when we send the energy out in our daily exercises— our dynamic meditations— we must send it out in the present tense. I AM creating this new goal, it IS coming to me, not it will, it IS! The spiritual mind, home of your transmitter and receiver, does not recognize the future, only NOW.

So transmit and attract in the NOW, embrace the process of the creation of your goal as your goal every day, and enjoy the results. This really, really works, and is a key part of my Synthesis method and creating The Synthesis Effect, the life of your dreams, virtually free of suffering. 

Please keep the correspondence coming, share this with your friends and invite them to join the discussion. As we grow, I will be happy to do live conversations, live webinars if you will to help as many people reach their potential as creators as possible.

Happy creating, and Blessings,