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One Last Cigarette? Who Are You Kidding?
In the history of this world, there hasn’t been one positive report on cigarettes. They are a health hazard, whichever way you look at them. Millions of people indulge in this harmful practice, knowing full well the dangers of it, but we all know how addictive cigarettes are.
Articles have been published, solely talking about the vice and why you should kick it to the curb. If you need one last gloomy reminder, here are three solid points.
Cancer Will Catch Up With You
Do you know that nearly one in every 5 deaths in the US is associated with smoking? Imagine that this vice accounts for 480,000 deaths annually, either directly or indirectly. That makes you a potential statistic if you are a smoker. Come-on now, there are better ways to leave this world, no?
You And Funk Will Be Buddies For Life
Let’s agree on this one thing here; cigarette smoke is not perfumery. No way! The worst thing is that it clings onto your clothes and breath like the plague so that you cannot deny that you have been puffing. Regardless of the brand, you can count on that tobacco funk. Why now would you want to walk around in your designer suit smelling awful?
If you are a mommy-to-be, you are endangering the life of your child. Your bad habit may prevent them from ever seeing the light of day. Even the thought of it makes me sad. Quitting just after falling pregnant will increase the chances of your baby’s survival.
You Only Need A Stellar Resolve
Thousands of people try to quit and fail, but that does not doom you from success. Have you tried hypnotherapy? We will admit that quitting a habit that you have acquired and followed up for years will be tricky, but what do you lose from trying?