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Stress is something very common in this competitive world. People of every age feel the stress. As children, there is tremendous stress on you to achieve good marks and excel in your studies. As young professionals, you are always under stress to perform well in your organizations. Middle-aged professionals feel a different kind of stress in balancing their family life and their official responsibilities. Senior citizens have their individual stress when they see that they do not fit properly into the world of their young children and grandchildren. In short, stress is present everywhere. How do you go about banishing the same from your life?

Dr. Marilyn Joyce can help you in this regard. She has a simple formula. Her 5-minute caregiver strategies can simply blow your mind. These could be simple breathing exercises or techniques that teach you to tap into your comfort zone and protect you from this outside world. This introspection can open several doors within you thereby enabling you to take on this stress and eliminate the root cause.

These five minute strategies can boost your power instantaneously whereby you feel rejuvenated. The best part of the entire exercise is that you can do the same anywhere. She believes that the mental stress is the more dangerous of the two kinds of stress in the world. If you are able to conquer this psychological stress, you can always find your own ways of coping with the physical stress.

When this piece of golden advice comes from a person like Dr. Marilyn Joyce, one has to give importance to it. She speaks from her personal experiences. She has the right qualifications as well because she is a five-time cancer survivor. Now, there cannot be a more stressful thing in the world than knowing that you have cancer. The fact that she has managed to defeat the disease five times and emerge triumphant should speak volumes of her knowledge in the subject.