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exalting in sunlightIf there is one universal tool to assist and accelerate the process of personal empowerment and the generation of enlightenment it is the consistent practice of mediation. There are several forms of meditation and they are all powerful and of great use as you generate change growth and transformation in your life; but surely one of the most powerful is what I like to call dynamic meditation because of it’s ability to stimulate and generate an energetic vibration that in turn helps us feel what the new version of us will feel like; and that accelerates the process of creating it and making it permanent.

Dynamic meditation also allows us to directly tap into the incredible  power and potential of the subconscious/spiritual mind and communicate with it in it’s own language, image or imagination. That makes the process of change that much more powerful and effective. 

Click on the link below to download a free introduction to dynamic meditation; this simple, but profoundly powerful exercise will help you create your vision and achieve it’s manifestation. Virtually every client and student I work with learns and uses some version of this exercise and they love it. I think you will too. Try it for 21 days and see how you feel. You will be a new you!

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A Gift of Empowerment 


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 Dr. John McGrail