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How Self-Hypnosis Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

In the last century, there was a lot of interest in the subject of hypnosis probably due to how it was portrayed in popular culture. Most works of literature showed mentalists forcing people to do what they would otherwise not do in their normal state of mind.

Unfortunately, this distorted the image of hypnosis. Many people saw it as pseudo science, while others believed it caused an altered mental state where the subject was under the control of the hypnotist. However, hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that works by increasing the level of suggestibility of the mind. Here is you can use hypnosis to improve your life.

Quit Any Bad Habits
Scientists have not yet agreed on one theory on how hypnosis and self hypnosis works. But there are a few clues. By measuring changes in brainwave patterns, scientists have been able to determine that the EEG signals during hypnosis are similar to those of a person in deep meditative state.

These brainwave signals validate the theory that your conscious mind takes the back seat and the subconscious is now more open to suggestions during hypnosis. Through self-hypnosis you can quit smoking or drinking by sending suggestions to your subconscious when in this hypnotic state.

Overcome Negativity
Negativity is one of the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals and feeling content with our careers or personal relationships. Negative thoughts that sometimes are as a result of lack of self esteem weave a complex labyrinth of emotions that is difficult to untangle using conventional therapies. Self hypnosis is a simple but effective technique that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Manage Pain
Many people have to rely on medication that is costly and that can lead to dependency to manage pain. Self-hypnosis is a simple method without any significant side effects. Through self-hypnosis some people have been able to change how they manage pain and in some cases have eliminated the pain altogether.

A Better You Through Meditation Q & A


What, Why, When, Where, How?

Here is episode 3 in our three-part series on the benefits and power of meditation. You asked, I answered, and hopefully these will encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t yet, or if you have and have been having challenges, here are some solutions. If you don’t get your answer here, feel free to reach out. Enjoy! Namaste.

Medi 3: Here’s What I Want to Know About Meditation

As always, thanks for watching, sharing and please, send in your questions and comments at drjohnmcgrail@gmail.com. I will get back to you personally.


Life is fun, enjoy it

Life is a game. If you play it according to its rules, it can be great fun. The problem with people is that they try to frame their own rules while playing this game of life. They do not seem to understand that the main player or the protagonist is sitting somewhere else with the reins in His hand. People make the cardinal mistake of thinking that they are the ones in control. This is the main root of all the stress, misery, and sorrows in life. The moment you realize that, you are just one of the millions of other players in the world you start to enjoy life and thereby bask in its success. These are the simple teachings of Dr. John McGrail.

Dr. John McGrail is a hypnotherapist by profession. However, more than hypnotism, he used a mixture of psychological and spiritual ways of explaining things in life. He understands that ‘Fear’ is the main inhibiting force preventing people from achieving their dreams. The earlier you get rid of these inhibitions, the better it would be for you. In fact, this is not a novel concept at all. You can find reference to such lines of thinking in the ancient scriptures. This brings the spiritual angle into the equation.

Dr McGrail has written several books in this context. Through each of his works, he tries to spread the message of happiness among people. He is of the firm belief that the mind is always more powerful than the body. It is capable of controlling every aspect of the body including its pains and sufferings. Using the techniques espoused by him in his books, people can make a dramatic change to their lives as well to that of others in the world. This aptly sums up the first rule in his method of Quantum Synthesis. The rule says that “Life is fun, enjoy it.”


This Year I Resolve to… Hmmm



John McGrail, Ph.D.



Resolutions Possibilities           


Almost all of us have “stuff” in our lives we’d like to change. We want to be happier, healthier, attract more abundance, have better relationships, build self confidence, feel more joyful, be less stressed, and have more fun. And along about now, just before almost every New Years, most if not almost all of us start thinking about actually doing something about it.

            With the New Year comes a clean slate, and thus it’s a time for resolutions, those wonderful promises we make to ourselves, and—deep sigh here— hardly ever keep. In fact, failure to keep resolutions has become so cliché, we often make a joke of it all— at least publicly. In truth, most of us feel really disappointed when we fail yet again. Blowing our resolutions, life changes that we know will improve our lives, only serves to make us feel worse about ourselves than we did to begin with. Ever wonder why?

            Charles Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change; those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” And therein lays a big clue to the real reason most people fail to follow through on perfectly good resolutions. It has nothing to do with personal weakness or lack of willpower. It’s mostly because the human mind has evolved in a way that makes Mr. Shaw’s very good advice very hard to follow—we are all of us naturally resistant to change; any change, even when we want it and know it would be good for us. It’s a state of mind called homeostasis, which is Latin for “same state.”

            Change, any change, represents the unknown, and to our subconscious mind—the part of our mind from which most of our attitudes, habits and behaviors arise, the part that “runs the show” most of the time—“unknown” represents “fear” and “pain.” Any organism, and maybe especially the human organism, will always choose pleasure over pain.

            Pleasure in this instance need not be pleasurable, just familiar. And so when consciously trying to force a new change— through willpower—becomes too much, too “scary” and “painful,” for the subconscious, it takes over and we “slip” and gradually or sometimes instantly revert to our old familiar patterns, habits and behaviors, back into the same old rut—another set of excellent resolutions down the drain.

            Have you had enough? Can the resistance of homeostasis be overcome? Can we make resolutions and actually make them stick? In a word, YES! And here are some simple tips that will help you—consciously and subconsciously—do just that.

  • Your resolutions must be something you want for you, and not made for someone else’s benefit. If you resolve to change yourself because someone else wants you to or thinks it would be good for you to do, you might as well forget it. Whose life is it anyway?
  • Commit to yourself. The required conscious attitude goes something like, I will do whatever it takes to make this happen, I will let nothing stop me because I want this and I am worth it. (Say this to yourself over and over and over!)
  • Embrace the change as a process—and it is always a process. One of the big mistakes people make is to look at the end of the process, see everything they think is entailed to get there and poof, they become overwhelmed with it all. You cannot climb a mountain in a single bound; you must take it a step at a time.
  • You must go about the process with love, honor, and respect for yourself or you have no chance. Make yourself the most important person in the world; love yourself completely. This is not vanity or egoism; it’s you treating you the way you wish to be treated by others.
  • You must bring intention and expectation to the party and use these conscious energies to bolster your desire and commitment. The more you intend—laser-sharp focused thought and action—to have what you want, and the more you expect it, the faster it comes to pass. (If you don’t expect success, then don’t expect success.)
  • You must work with your subconscious mind; again, the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious; it is the seat of most behaviors, habits, emotions, etc, and therefore must be addressed in order to have your changes (resolutions) stick. A great way to begin this is to simply take about 10-15 minutes a day to sit quietly and picture, visualize or imagine yourself having finished, having totally succeeded. Stay with the image of the “new you” until you actually feel the delight, excitement and satisfaction you know success will bring. Then hang onto that feeling as you go about your day making choices that bring you there, step by step. This is a simple but powerful form of self hypnosis. When you imagine anything, you are speaking to the subconscious mind in its own language—images.
  • If you need a little help, get it!

            That last tip is really important. Realize and accept that homeostasis (a largely subconscious process) is a very powerful force. Most people—about 98% of us—will need a little assistance in working through their homeostasis, especially if the unwanted or unhealthy attitude, habit or behavior is deeply engrained. So, you might think of working together with a resolution buddy so you can support and encourage one another. And if that isn’t enough consider working with a professional like a hypnotherapist or life coach, someone trained and with the tools to help people overcome the inborn resistance to change we all experience.

            If you really want to succeed and you get the assistance you need to change your mind, you will really understand what old Charley B. Shaw meant, and you will likely be a very happy camper. Happy New Year!

Opening Your Eyes

There is so much to life that we often miss out on because we are worried about meaningless things. If you can, stop for a moment and think about the kind of life you are leading. How much time do you spend working each day? How much time do you spend commuting? How much quality time do you have left to spend with your partner or family? And with your friends?

The truth is that we often dedicate the vast majority of our time to work and even once we get out of the office, we keep thinking about work the rest of the day. You might have a car and feel the stress that comes with traffic; you might be having financial trouble and spend lot of time worrying about it.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what situation you are in, the most important thing is the attitude you have towards life, because with the right attitude, you can achieve anything you want.  If you are willing to open your eyes and see where you stand, you can start working towards a life with a higher quality.

Dr. John McGrail is a man who has dedicated his career to helping out others. He works with people through personal empowerment, as a speaker, author and spiritual teacher. He believes that anyone can change their reality and achieve their dreams. He believes that life should be something to enjoy, and not a period that revolves only around the worrying things in your mind.

He offers products that let you work on your own, with his guidance, but staying at home, or wherever it is that you feel comfortable. With a recognized book and a series of self-hypnosis programs specialized on different purposes, you will surely find something that will help you become a better version of yourself.


One Thing at a Time

#14 One thing at a time 

One Thing at a Time!


One of the easiest ways to align with Rule # 1, Life is Supposed to be Fun, is to make a simple adjustment in the way you do things. It really is simple and it really is powerful, and it really is a cure for one of the most stressful activities a human can attempt; and we all seem to attempt it regularly. Is there a better way? YES!! Click on the link below to find out how to make your life a LOT more fun.


One Thing at a Time

Dr. McGrail- your guide towards transformation.

As days are passing by our life is becoming more and more demanding, and caught in this rat race we are bound to fumble. What we need most when caught in this whirlpool and thrown off balance is a mentor, a guide who is capable of releasing our stress and empowering us. This is exactly what Dr. John McGrail can do for you. Dr. McGrail is dedicated to the art and science of personal empowerment. He is a clinical hypnotherapist and one of the most sought after spiritual teachers.

We do a lot to take care of our exterior self, but often forget about the well-being of the inner self. Dr. John McGrail is sure to aid you in taking good care of your inner self, and restoring and maintaining its pristine health. He is capable of leading you towards a balanced personal growth and empowering as well as transforming your life.

The therapy of  Dr. McGrail is based on various techniques such as Quantum Synthesis, Hypnotherapy, LLP, and also techniques such as Neuro linguistic therapy are applied. Dr. McGrail does not only help you deal with the stress and troubles in your life, but also helps you quit smoking and also get a good night’s sleep. Dr. McGrail has designed a variety of unique products to meet your needs.

Some of these products include Self-hypnosis programs- the synthesis effect, this self hypnosis program is a one of its kind program which allows you to conduct hypnosis on yourself and rid yourself of  all the  hidden and embedded fear, anxiety, terror, and stress. You can also transform your life and improve your ways, and ascertain a well balanced happy life with Dr. McGrail’s Pathway to Transformation.

With the help of Dr. McGrail you can shed your anxious, obese, terrified old self and undergo a change, a transformation. With the help of Dr. McGrail you can find a new you, today. 

Say, “So long” to failure right now, today!



I work with so many people who are paralyzed from living fully by a fear of failure. Hard to have mycg of a fun life if that’s the case. But this fear– like all the other ears we may we have, except the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise, the two we’re born with– is learned, and it’s totally bogus and can be destroyed almost instantly. Here’s how to do it. 

As always, thanks for watching, sharing and please, send in your questions and comments at drjohnmcgrail@gmail.com. I will get back to you personally.



Ep 11 Life is Fun


A Better You in a Minute or Two, # 11: Life is Supposed to be Fun! Really? YES!!!

If you read my book, The Synthesis Effect, you will see that the first six words, the title to the introduction of the book and my Synthesis process, are those words, Rule #1, Life is Supposed to be Fun!

Two of the most important things I ever learned, aside from the fact that people aren’t human beans, but instead human beings–that was a long time ago, but it was a biggie for me, are that life, indeed, is supposed to be fun, and then how to make it that way. And I’ve spent the last 15 plus years helping other people learn what I did, and yes, how to do it to. And since we do create our own reality, as we discussed last week, this it a perfect time to introduce rule #1.

Thanks for watching, thanks for sharing this with your network, and please continue to send in your comments and questions. I want everyone to learn how to do this; the more that do the more fun my life is, and you cannot have too much of it. Why should there ever be a limit to feeling good?

Break Away from Your Limitations with Dr. McGrail

Break Away from Your Limitations with Dr. McGrail

Dr. John McGrail can help you create a better you by helping you overcome hurdles that are keeping you from realizing your full potential. Dr. John McGrail sessions can be taken right from the comfort of your home. If you have a busy schedule you don’t have to worry, they are convenient and you can gain a lot from them at your own pace and at your own time.

Who is Dr. John McGrail? Dr. McGrail is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who gained his certification from Hypnosis Motivation Institute. He has a degree from Cornell university, and a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from Breyer State University. He is also certified in LP and other various therapies.

But he is more than just a hypnotherapist, he is a self improvement expert, motivational speaker and spiritual teacher. His multi-disciplinary competencies allows him to help people overcome their fears and limitations through a multifaceted approach that is tailor made and effective.

He spent decades in clinical practice where he helped thousands overcome spiritual, and emotional hurdles. His programs, built on his expertise and vast experience, are unmatched. Dr. McGrail’s programs are the best you can find anywhere, plus they are formulated to be taken with a pace that is convenient for you.

Dr. McGrail has seen thousands suffer from a lot of emotional, physical and spiritual pain. His expertise in hypnotherapy has been instrumental in helping his clients transcend these issues and address them at their core, so they can be solved quickly, effectively and profoundly.

Most programs only address the superficial layers of the emotional and spiritual pain, which leaves people stuck in a rut for longer than they should. You don’t have to remain stuck. With Dr. McGrail’s sessions that you can take at home, you have no excuses.

It is time to break away from your limitations. Visit our products page and start your new life today.