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Synthesis & the Four Agreements 

Always do Your Best

exalting in sunlightAnd so we come tthe last, but certainly not least of Don Miguel’s four agreements, “Always do your best.” This one in some ways is the easiest to understand, and it’s not a stretch to say that the other three fit nicely into this one.  If you practice the first three agreements, you will be doing very nicely.                              

If you commit to always do your best, regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what it is you are doing, you will never have to regret anything you do and you don’t have to get down on yourself. As I always say to my clients when discussing the importance of self esteem, and not caring what other people think, “Just be your best you at all times, whatever that is, live according to your core values, and the rest takes care of itself.” When you live this way, you naturally attract experiences and people who will resonate with you— your tribe— and I promise that you will get plenty of love and validation, which is, in my opinion the single biggest desire/need of all human beings. 

It’s important to remember that your best will not always be the same; some days you will feel better, sharper, smarter, more energized, more graceful, more motivated and simply more able than others. And no one, not one of us, is capable of feeling great all the time; we all have off days where you just feel like poop, so let it be okay. 

Another issue worth mentioning I think is that you cannot, ever, ever be perfect. So when you think about always doing your best, and if you tend to call yourself a perfectionist, it’s time to let that go. Perfectionists unwittingly set themselves up for disappointment and ultimately failure because as human beings we are inherently imperfect. The irony of our human existence is that we are by nature the perfect energy of spirit living in a physical body and in a physical space time plane that creates certain limitations, imperfections in our existence.  It is this very dynamic that creates the opportunity to learn, evolve and grow throughout our lifetimes. So while you cannot be perfect, you can certainly be excellent! And I love helping perfectionists become “excellentists” (my word). Excellentists can and usually do live a very powerful and fulfilling life, making the very best use of their aptitudes, skills and talents. 

The whole Synthesis process, all the models, tools, methods and techniques are designed to help you create your better you, and with desire, commitment, love, honor and respect for yourself you can create enormous and profound change and transformation quickly and profoundly, and Don Miguel’s four agreements fit wonderfully into the Synthesis method. 

As I’ve mentioned before, with consistent practice and diligence, including the commitment to always do your best, you can quickly reach a state of living that is virtually free of suffering. The Buddha defined enlightenment as the end of suffering; when you are living virtually free of suffering, when you are mindfully making choices in real time—as the unpredictable events of life unfold— that serve your growth, well being and the greater good you will suffer little. I call that practical enlightenment, a delightful way to live. Try it and I know you will be glad you did


 Dr. John