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Whenever I do a workshop or seminar, or even a presentation on creating change and personal growth, I almost invariably am asked about this nebulous and cliche notion around the power of positive thinking. Is it really real, or just some New Age woo-woo that gets so blithely tossed around in motivational books, seminars and infomercials? I mean, really? Can our outcomes really be affected by our thinking? Is there really any power in thinking a given way? Well, in short, the answer is yes! The energy of our thoughts do have an effect on our outcomes, our reality, and it works both ways. 

It may sound far-fetched, but the following is firmly rooted in cold, hard science: our thoughts carry energy, and the energy we project does enter the energy field of our environment, and it does have an effect on the energy we attract back and subsequently the energy of our systems, our being. And all that that, has an effect on how we feel and how we then go about the process of our lives. Another way to say it is that thoughts create feelings, which are the instantaneous expression of our emotions, and we all know that emotions have a huge effect on how we then behave. Behavior is the expression of energy and it creates results, both good and bad.  Which do you choose?

We’ve all heard of and experienced what we call self-fulfilling prophecy, where-in we become convinced something is going to happen in a certain way and then, sure enough, it does. Did you ever notice that it doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative? Self fulfilling prophecies work both ways. So, it makes sense that the more time we spend thinking about positive outcomes and results, the better the chance of creating them. 

A lot of what I do in my clinical practice, helping people create change, growth and transformation in their lives is about taking negative habits and emotional patterns, excessive stress, fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs, and turning the patterns around. And all of this, of course, is dependent on the mind. In fact, we can even exert a lot of control over the outcomes of medical procedures like surgeries; pre-programming our bodies for minimal tissue damage and blood loss, and accelerating the healing process. I do this a lot and the results are nothing more than astounding. I have seen many a physician’s lower jaw drop when their patient (my client) heals in a fraction of the time; just the way we pre-programmed it; all through the power of dynamic thoughts and positive visualization, staying with it until it creates a physiological feeling, an energy of strength, health and vitality. 

Finally, if nothing else, think about the difference in feelings that certain thought patterns create; thinking positively simply feels better than going the other way. And I don’t know about you but I much prefer feeling better to not. It’s really the whole basis of my Synthesis process and creating the Synthesis Effect: feeling good– so good things happen so we can feel good so good things happen, and so on, and so on, and so on. 

So maybe you could give it a try: dedicate one period of 21 days to consciously thinking positively as much and as often as possible. Focus your thoughts on what you want, and only what you want. Give the other side of that coin, what you don’t want, no power at all. (You won’t be perfect but you can get really good with a little practice) After 21 days, see how you feel and how things are going. You will thank me!