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Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation and Behavior Change
Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that can influence behavior change including smoking cessation. Unfortunately, it has often been plagued by misunderstandings and myths about what it is and what it can do. Here are a few things you need to know about
Concept of Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy can introduce suggestions into the mind through hyperfocus, suggestibility, or relaxation. Using these techniques, a practitioner trained in hypnotherapy seeks to quiet the mind and bring the subconscious to the foreground. The subconscious mind is responsible for automatic actions such as yawning, scratching, or reaching out for the cigarette.
Despite scientific evidence of its efficacy, many scientists have still not pinpointed the brain circuitry that is responsible for the hypnotic effect. Brain imaging shows that during hypnosis, certain areas of the brain concerned with attention become less active allowing for reception of suggestion.
Types of Hypnosis
The most common form of hypnosis is the traditional one now done by medical practitioners qualified in the practice. In conventional hypnosis, the patient is given direct suggestions, such as “I will quit smoking, or I no longer feel the urge to smoke”. Another form of hypnosis is the Ericksonian hypnosis that uses indirect suggestions. Some people do not respond very well to direct suggestions but can gain positive results. The Ericksonian Hypnosis uses statements like, “Don’t you just hate the smell of cigarettes?” These suggestions have an indirect implication that can trigger behavior change when repeated during a hypnotic trance.
Getting Results
You can either have a practitioner take you through hypnosis or you could do it yourself at home through self-hypnosis audios and videos. You will need to take several sessions for the suggestion to stick onto your subconscious mind, therefore, do not worry if you relapse at first. Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that is affordable, safe, non-intrusive and easy to implement technique you can use to make positive changes in your life.