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Quit Smoking: The Gift of Life


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Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Amercian Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke-out.  I can honestly say that while I work across the spectrum of behavioral and emotional issues with my clients, one of my favorite things to do is help someone quit smoking for good. As  a formerly addicted smoker– I quit 15 years ago– I often say that next to marrying my wife, quitting smoking was the best decision I ever made; and I stand by that. So, when my good friend and colleague, renowned journalist and talk show host, Jane Michael, reached out to me for some hints to help readers of her online column for Spry Living kick the habit and take their lives back, I was delighted to do it. To see her column just click the link below.

And if you want or need more personal assistance and attention in your quest to quit, then contact me directly.  My smoking cessation program is over 95% effective, and comes with a guarantee!

 Whether we work in person in my Los Angeles office or remotely by telephone– I have clients around the globe– I guarantee you will quit and I will give you unlimited sessions until you do, provided you follow the program to the letter; there’s nothing hard, you just need to commit to yourself and the process. And, if you mention this post, or my newsletter, you will receive a substantial $100 discount from the normal fee.


This offer  is only valid through the rest of November, 2013  and scehdule spaces are both limited and going fast, so please,

call me today at 1 800 369-1516 to reserve your spot. Or, if you know someone who wants to quit, have them call me, mention this post, or the newsletter, and they will receive the same discount.  Quitting is truly giving yourself the gift of life. What are you waiting for? Read Jane’s column then call me and you can end this year and start next with a whole new bill of health and wellness.




Dr. John