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broken relationshipsInteresting piece in the Huffington Post regarding celebs feeling depressed after divorce or splitting up with a significant other. We tend to put celebrities on a pedestal of idealism; they are beautiful, talented, wealthy, and seem to be living the American dream. And they are people, as Huffington said, just like us. Regardless of the myths, money, fame and fortune are all just material; they operate at the shallow level of ego. Relationships, including marriage operate past the ego into the realm of our spiritual energy; and celebrity or not, when the spirit is wounded it hurts.

I have worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, including many celebrities, and we are all the same in terms of our energy, what makes us tick and what hurts us. While there is no way to completely avoid the pain of breaking up, if your spiritual energy is strong, and nurtured daily,your self-esteem will also become strong.

Notice the words self in self-esteem. It requires no one else– when you learn to truly esteem yourself, you won’t give your personal power up to any relationship; you may share it, but you won’t give it up. Thus if the relationship ends, then bouncing back becomes certainly not painless, but much, much easier because you are still whole inside.

This is something I work with all my clients on, celebrity or not; and it never fails!

Remember Rule #1: Life is supposed to be fun!