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Happy Holidays !!

An Exclusive Offer for readers of The Synthesis Effect; Give the Gift of Personal Empowerment! 

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I am absolutely delighted to see so many people read and enjoy The Synthesis Effect this year! My heartfelt thanks for all the great reviews and testimonials. Welcome to living Rule # 1— Life is Supposed to be Fun!


I deeply appreciate all of you!


To celebrate and continue to spread the spirit of The Synthesis Effect, creating a better you quickly and profoundly, I am extending a special holiday offer to all my clients and readers— old and new.

Through this offer you can give the gift of personal growth, happiness and greater satisfaction in life to yourself and the special people in your life and at the same time help stamp out hunger for the 50 million Americans—including 1 in 5 children—who often don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 10% of all orders will go to help end hunger.

To Claim the Holiday Special:

1. – Purchase a copy of The Synthesis Effect, or show us that you already have, (available on Amazon or Barnes &, in paperback and e-book)
2. – With your proof of purchase information go to this link: to claim your Holiday Package and help stamp out hunger in this country. It is truly a gift that will keep on giving!

For more details and information, here is my personal video to you all!

To Watch my Holiday Message and Promotion Details directly on YouTube, Please click this link!

Wishing you happy, joyful and blessed holidays!