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Life is fun, enjoy it

Life is a game. If you play it according to its rules, it can be great fun. The problem with people is that they try to frame their own rules while playing this game of life. They do not seem to understand that the main player or the protagonist is sitting somewhere else with the reins in His hand. People make the cardinal mistake of thinking that they are the ones in control. This is the main root of all the stress, misery, and sorrows in life. The moment you realize that, you are just one of the millions of other players in the world you start to enjoy life and thereby bask in its success. These are the simple teachings of Dr. John McGrail.

Dr. John McGrail is a hypnotherapist by profession. However, more than hypnotism, he used a mixture of psychological and spiritual ways of explaining things in life. He understands that ‘Fear’ is the main inhibiting force preventing people from achieving their dreams. The earlier you get rid of these inhibitions, the better it would be for you. In fact, this is not a novel concept at all. You can find reference to such lines of thinking in the ancient scriptures. This brings the spiritual angle into the equation.

Dr McGrail has written several books in this context. Through each of his works, he tries to spread the message of happiness among people. He is of the firm belief that the mind is always more powerful than the body. It is capable of controlling every aspect of the body including its pains and sufferings. Using the techniques espoused by him in his books, people can make a dramatic change to their lives as well to that of others in the world. This aptly sums up the first rule in his method of Quantum Synthesis. The rule says that “Life is fun, enjoy it.”

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