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Be a Goodwill Super Hero in a Minute!

Happy  Thursday,

You know, there is no feeling in the world like giving someone a gift that they really, really wanted and watching the look on their faces as they receive it. Today you will learn how to do that over an over again; having that feeling of giving such a gift and being an inspiration to others while feeling like a zillion bucks yourself. And all it takes is about a minute of time. Just click the link below and thanks in advance for sharing this with all your networks and people. We can’t get enough of this little, but very powerful gift. And if you try it and do it consistently for a few days i promise it becomes addictive; but it’s a really, really good addiction. Feeling goos about yourself through empowering others is a great way to feel; not egotistical, or vain, or selfish, but spiritual, connected, involved and of service, and there is nothing better or more noble than being of service to our fellow members of the club we call humanity.

Click the link below to learn how to be a goodwill super hero in about a minute.

Become a Good Will Super Hero– in 1 Minute 


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From Beep-Beep to Deep Sleep

#7 Beep Beep Deep Sleep



From Beep-Beep to Deep Sleep


Here’s a quick introduction to a safe natural, and very, very powerful tool to help us get by that pesky internal resistance we all have when it comes to changing our lives and having it stick; or as I like to say, here’s a way to help our inner Wiley get the birdseed for a change. Just click the link below. Enjoy!

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From Beep Beep to Deep Sleep

The Common Obstacles to Realizing Full Potential

Self-esteem, self-change, and self-improvement are not spontaneous goals for many people. In fact, you will find a vast majority of individuals changing averse, which keeps them far from achieving their goals. They talk of improvement but are not ready to change their attitude and behavior to match the needs of the tasks ahead. Most are comfortable with the status quo but still admire those that have moved to greater heights. If you are one of them, these could be barring you from reaching your full potential:

The innocent bystander

Self-improvement is not a journey without hurdles. You may have to make several mistakes before getting things right, and learn from the errors. However, it is self-destructive to imagine or live by the conviction that you have done nothing wrong. Acknowledging that you have a shortfall is a significant step towards setting up the ultimate approach on the issues. Living in denial is likely to give temporary comfort though scares away positive initiatives.

The self-defense mechanism

The defense mechanism works the same way with the bystander only that it focuses on criticizing the world and other people for their shortcomings. Criticizing the environment seems a perfect strategy to fall out of the society while still claiming a false association with the groups. While critical thinking sets the foundation for self-growth, the critics may use their ingenuity to raise the ego affecting their chances of self-improvement.

Seeking public approval

Everyone wants to feel safe in the presence of other people. It gets worse when one keeps seeking others approval before embarking on a self-improvement initiative. Before you get others opinion, you need to establish a concrete stand on certain issues and know who is for your growth. Not everyone wants you to succeed which explains why most are likely to mislead. If you cannot seek an internal conviction, you are likely to do what might not be suitable for your personality. It calls for internal standards and a high degree of independence for you to move.

A Better You; A Look Inside the Mind; Why it’s so hard to change.



Today we take a look inside our minds to reveal the reason we find it so hard to change the areas of our life that hold us back from living as we wish to. We also acknowledge those folks who don’t seem to have any problem at all and who make us feel even worse. It’s “critical” to understand this if you really want to overcome your blocks and soar. And I hope you do.  Click here and enjoy the ride!




It’s Your Choice!

A Better You in a Minute or Two, # 4: It’s Your Choice!

This week we take a look at the power of choice in our lives and learn that it’s always a choice; it feels like life is happening to us, but in reality it’s not; and our reality is in fact the cumulative result of all our choices. Knowing how this works is the next step to creating the change and transformation we all want at one time or another and, of course, that we all deserve to have whenever we want it. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy it, and please send in your questions and comments. It’s always confidential and you will always get a personal response. this week’s episode. Please send me your comments


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A Better You in a Minute or Two: #2 Let’s Fly!

A Better You in a Minute or Two, # 2: Let’s Fly!

First, thanks to all of you who sent in emails and texts with feedback, suggestions, ideas and encouragement. I so appreciate it, and ask that you keep em coming.

Welcome to this week’s episode, Let’s Fly! Now that we know that we all have “stuff” and that our stuff is fixable with a little help, it’s time to explore why we often need that help. One of the most frequent questions I get around creating changes in life revolves around the fact that most people think they should just be able to “do it.”  Not so, and for a very good reason. In this video, I begin to explain why it’s not so easy to fly solo and have success.  So, if you’re ready, you are cleared for takeoff. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. And thanks in advance for sharing and for your continued input. Let me know what you think, and send me your ideas; what would you like to see covered in the future? Here’s the link to today’s episode.



The meaning of life

What is life all about? There are thousands of different interpretations for this question and while no one holds one absolute answer to it, the truth is that life should be enjoyed. Whatever situation you find yourself in, whatever obstacle you have to overcome, you should always find the way to be happy.

Even though it sounds truly simple written like that, the truth is that it is not that easy. There are a lot of situations throughout life that throw us off balance and at times, it can be really hard to get back to your center. The good news is that there are always people who can help.

Dr. John McGrail is an author, speaker and spiritual teacher who wants to help you find the best way to be happy. With his products, he wants to reach you and make sure you have all the tools you need in order to make sure you find your balance and understand the way to get back to it whenever you lose it.

His self guided products are very recognized and can make a big difference in your life. He can offer you the chance to change your reality and empower your life. His clients are thankful for the help they have received; you can read some of their testimonials on his website, where you will also be able to find his contact information.

He has a published book that you can buy on his website that talks about the path to power and transformation and the site also sells the guided recordings in order to transform yourself, quit smoking, dealing with weight loss and having a good night’s sleep.

If you want to find out more log into the website where you will also be able to find upcoming events that might interest you.

Becoming a Better Person

Everyone has to face tough moments in life. Even those who have ‘easy lives’ will probably run into complicated situations at some point. Some people are really good at figuring out how to move forward and some people struggle. And even those who are good at getting by might get to a point in life where something is missing and they can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

It is during these moments that it is important to have the right help to get past that moment and keep moving forward. This kind of help might come from a friend, a family member, a partner or even someone unexpected like a child or a stranger. However, there are times when even the wisest advice from people isn’t enough, and at these times, it is a good idea to get some help from a professional who might have a different insight on things.

Dr. John McGrail can offer you the option of improving the person you are, and being your best self with his guidance. Dedicated to personal empowerment, he is a self-improvement expert  with a passion for helping people overcome any kind of situation, including fears, limiting beliefs, anxiety and anything else that might be keeping them from living life to its fullest.

He has a book and a series of CDs to help you overcome specific situations like quitting smoking or getting a good night’s sleep. He also offers conferences every now and then, you can check out the upcoming ones on his webpage, as well as a number of testimonials from people who are thankful for the help he has provided them.

His blog also offers valuable information on self improvement and you can read more about news and updates on his webpage. Contact him to find out more about what he can do for you.

Thriving In Life

It is not so uncommon to hear people talk and advise others about how life is meant to be enjoyed. You have probably heard someone tell you to simply be happy, to love, to avoid worrying because this will have a toll on your general mood.

Well, they are not far off from reality. The truth is, the better you are at enjoying the small things and letting go of those that hold you back or make you feel bad about yourself or about anything in particular, the better quality of life you will be able to have. This is not about money, or love, or the place you live in; this is about what you will be able to find within yourself.

Dr. John McGrail has dedicated his life to helping others thrive. Dedicated to the art and science of personal empowerment, he works as a clinical hypnotherapist. But it isn’t as simple as that. Located in Los Angeles, California, he is a self improvement expert and a spiritual teacher. He has a passion for helping people and he wants to help you. His rule number one is that life should be fun. Doesn’t that sound great? And it is possible. This is an opportunity to make some serious changes in your life in order to truly enjoy it.

His programs go from one that will help you sleep better every night, to a way to finally quit smoking and a transformation of yourself. If you log into his website, you will find all the information you need on each program, what they can do for you and how your life can be transformed.

So if you feel like something isn’t quite right in your life, or like something is missing, this might be exactly what you need in order to feel balanced and completely happy.

Your Fate Is In Your Own Hands

Your Fate Is In Your Own Hands

What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? How much can you give to reach your goals? No one can ever dictate what you can do to your life because it is yours. You have the reigns, the power, the control, and the decision how you are going to live it. You only get one life and a few years to live. So don’t waste one day doing something that doesn’t actually make sense. If you still don’t know what to do in life and how to start, the first thing you need to do is to decide.

Decide now.

Your mind might be puzzled with so many great ideas that you want to take on. And because you think they are all great and necessary, you can’t decide which one to do first. Now you’re stuck.

Write down everything you have in mind and categorize them into three categories—urgent, priority, and important. Now, list down the consequences, the advantages, and disadvantages. Choose the one with the most advantages under the urgent category. Act on it and do everything you can to reach your goal. Now, if you fail, that’s all right. Think of your next step and move on.

You can’t please everybody.

This is an absolute truth that no one can deny. It’s true we all want to please everyone—our friends, family, neighbors, social media friends, and even our enemies. But you also want to please yourself. And it’s just not possible to harmonize everyone’s will and desires. Your will is not someone else’s will. Your fate is not their fate. And they won’t really care that much if you please them or not. So do it for yourself, just don’t do things that can inflict physical and emotional pain to other people.

If you want to learn how to move on and start over, DrJohnMcGrail.com can help you with it. This website will give you pointers and expert advice on how to make a successful life transformation with confidence and ease.