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Communications– How Do You Stack Up?

By on Mar 22, 2018 in Blog, Videos | 0 comments

Have you ever slaved over an email or text because you really needed to get your message across accurately, and the person on the other end was really important in your life, like maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, a close friend or your boss, and then had it blow up in your face? I bet the answer is yes, and you might have wondered what went wrong. Well here’s why it probably happened and here’s how you can avoid it in the future. This is something I work with a lot with my clients and discuss on hypnotherapylosangeles. Enjoy!  ...

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How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

By on Mar 3, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Meditation may seem like an activity that is simply relaxing. But in reality, it can do a lot of things for you such as help you manifest your goals. Here’s how it does that: It helps you affirm your capabilities. Your beliefs help shape your reality. If you do not think that you are capable of achieving something, then you will end up acting accordingly by not trying hard enough. Meditating and affirming to yourself that you can achieve your goals can help re-wire your brain to be more productive and optimistic. The more secure you feel about your worthiness and abilities, the more other people will perceive you as capable and hence offer your more opportunities. When you meditate, it is important that you allow yourself to be more open to opportunities and find in yourself the courage to take on new challenges. It aids in visualization. Visualization is a huge part of manifesting your desires. However, the problem is that most people are not diligent when it comes to visualizing what they want to happen. Visualization needs to be done daily, or even a couple of times a day. Be clear about what you really want and tell yourself that you have what it takes to realize that dream. That should help you have more motivation to strive harder. It connects you to the deepest part of yourself. Timing is a crucial element. Once you are presented with the opportunities, you would want to be completely ready for them. Now, how do you prepare yourself? You do so by getting in touch with your inner self and finding your center. Your center is the one that will guide you through obstacles and help you fulfill huge responsibilities. It is also your center that will help you see the bigger picture and make the right decisions.   Meditating will help you feel worthy of your goals, and will also allow you to be brave when it comes to achieving them. You can always do your research on how to meditate, but it will be better if there is someone who can guide you along the way. Dr. John McGrail, a...

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The Formula for Change (Part 1)

By on Jan 31, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

So now, you’ve decided to make that change in your life; after all, when you asked yourself that key question, Why not me? and you got the right answer, Yeah, why NOT me? I deserve to have my life working the way I want it to work. To that I say, AWESOME! Way to go. You deserve it and you will be glad you made the decision to act. But, now what? What do you do to make it happen? I know, yet more questions.  But there is an answer. There are certain energies that you MUST bring to bear if you want your desire for change to become real. It’s kinda like a recipe. Without the right mixture of ingredients you can’t make the dish. Here then, is the recipe or what I call the Formula for Change (Part 1). This formula is tried and true and I give it to all my clients on day 1 of our working together. I have never seen it fail to produce incredible results if followed closely with consistency. It’s all about getting your mind working in the right way to promote manifestation. Click on the cosmic mind below and start cooking!...

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Hypnosis : Using the Subconscious Mind to Grow Yourself

By on Jan 17, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Hypnosis: Using the Subconscious Mind to Grow Yourself Sometimes, we tend to limit ourselves to our beliefs, and when we talk of “belief” here, it’s not religion or faith. It’s those things that we think are made to be the way they are now and cannot be changed. You probably have heard of the story of the young elephants that were tethered to strong ropes tied to the ground. The baby elephants couldn’t free themselves because they didn’t have the strength to pull themselves from the ropes. So the baby elephants abandoned their attempts to free themselves and accepted the leash to be part of life. What happened is that the elephants had believed they don’t have the strength to break free from the ropes. After many years, they were now adult elephants and with much strength. We, as humans, are held by beliefs and these limit us from making steps ahead. We remain grounded in one position and just day-dream. However, we can use the subconscious mind to allow us to better ourselves. Hypnosis can help improve our lives, it can help to alter those beliefs that pull us back. Where hypnosis is applied, it allows an individual to bypass the conscious mind that tells us things are just made to be the way they are, and approach the subconscious mind directly. The conscious mind is considered a watchman or doorkeeper of the subconscious mind. You cannot give instructions to your subconscious mind because they will be barred at the conscious mind level. To get directly to the subconscious mind, you need to put the conscious mind in a limbo, and here is where hypnosis comes in to play. Whenever you are unsatisfied with your life or a result of something makes you want to change your beliefs, and that’s the hardest part of it. Hypnosis offers a faster way of changing people’s beliefs and seeing opportunities, hope, happiness, and success where you previously couldn’t see. Probably you have been unable to make ends meet despite making numerous attempts to better yourself. You now feel that you are in a dead end and cannot succeed. Just visit DrJohnMcGrail.com to find out how you can unlock your potential and...

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Hypnotherapy for Medical Conditions

By on Jan 11, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Hypnotherapy for Medical Conditions Despite the misrepresentations of hypnotherapy in popular culture, there are scientific studies that point to its numerous benefits. The empirical data puts a strong case for hypnotherapy and recommends it for patients with various conditions. Here are some medical conditions that hypnotherapy can address. Cancer While hypnotherapy cannot cure cancer, it can be of great benefit in helping patients deal with the symptoms. It can help minimize nausea especially for those undergoing chemotherapy. It can significantly minimize the perception of fatigue or post-surgical pain. One clinical study done on 200 patients showed that those in the hypnosis group we able to save hundreds of dollars in managing post-surgical pain and complications. Sleep Disorders Hypnotherapy can also be beneficial to patients struggling with sleep disorders. Scientific studies have shown that hypnotherapy can cure cases of chronic and acute insomnia giving the patient the power to relax and fall asleep. It also helps to address other issues associated with sleep disorders such as nightmares, sleepwalking, and bedwetting. Depression and Post Trauma Anxiety People with depression may struggle to find a cure for the distress they experience due to the condition. One way to manage moderate to severe depression is to use medication. Most of the medication available can lead to tolerance or dependency. Hypnotherapy can help patients with depression manage their symptoms. With the right suggestions, you can release past trauma and emotions that you had locked deep in your subconscious and replace them with positivity. This way it addresses the causes of depression and post-trauma anxiety at a deeper fundamental level. When in a hypnotic state you’ll need to send suggestions that are clearly defined in order for it to be effective. Over the years hypnotherapy methods have been refined and perfected. Dr. John McGrail is one of the experts on hypnotherapy who has helped patients achieve a more fulfilling...

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Get the Picture?

By on Nov 30, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Get the Picture? A lot of people are curious about how I do what I do– helping people bring change into their lives or what I call changing your reality; creating the life or reality you want instead of settling for the one you think you’re stuck with.In truth, making life changes–big or small–is a simple process, and it always, always requires changing the way our mind is working. Everything in our reality, good or bad happy or sad, positive or negative begins in the mind. Hypnotherapy and my Synthesis process all help to make those mind changes happen as quickly as possible, but as powerful as all the tools and methods may be, what MUST precede all that is having a clear understanding or “picture” of what it is you’re wanting. This notion may seem ridiculously obvious, and you’d be amazed at how many clients come to see me without that vital piece of the puzzle. They’re often not even aware of it until I ask them (in their first session) something like, “What do you want to accomplish through our work together?” They might answer with something like, “I want to be happier, or more successful,” or “I want to feel worthy of having ________.”  I then ask, “Well what does that mean to you, how will you know when you get there?” Quite often, the response to that question is a puzzled look sometimes combined with, “I don’t really know.” BUMMER– If you don’t know exactly what you want, how are you going to create it? And that’s what this episode is all about; how to begin the process of change, any change. It must and always begins with creating a very clear image or picture of what it is you want. How are you are going to look, what will it feel like, and how will you know when you get “it” whatever your “it” is. Enjoy! Please send in your your questions and comments and I will get to as many as I can. As always, if it’s a personal question you will receive a personal, and confidential response. And thanks in advance for sharing this with your...

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