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A “New” Tool for Healthy Living

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For many people the word “hypnosis” evokes images of piercing eyes, swinging watches, goofy stage-show volunteers, or bad plot lines in bad movies— people losing control of their minds, forced to act against their will, or getting stuck in some zombie-like netherworld. But it’s a new day. These notions¾all archaic and all nonsense¾are rapidly succumbing to the cold logic of modern science. As Western healthcare both acknowledges and exploits the unequivocal connection between the mind and body, therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy is finding...

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Creating a Better You: The Power of Intent and intention

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By: John McGrail, Ph.D. The whole concept of becoming better than before implies change of some sort; moving in some way from where we are to where we want to be. The change can be physical, emotional or spiritual. And in truth all change involves all three energies. One of the most powerful ingredients in harnessing one’s energies to create change is the energy of intention or intent. If we look at the dictionary definition of intent we see words like purpose, motive, aim, design, and goal; and next to these words we see descriptors like,...

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Hypnotherapy: Skeleton Key for the Mind

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 Skeleton keys are designed to open a variety of locks; they are somewhat of a universal tool, thus allowing anyone who has one to open a lot of different doors. If only there was such a device to help us open our minds enough to enable us to create personal change and transformation and tackle the bigger issues we face; you know, the “stuff” like negative habits, feelings, behaviors and physical conditions that hold so many of us back in life. Well there is, and it’s called hypnosis, a naturally occurring state of consciousness that in...

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Being at Cause: The Power of Choice

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One of the most important requirements for real change to take place (regardless of the issue) involves accepting the fact that the quality of our lives and how we feel about ourselves and others is not the result of outside forces– the events, people, and experiences that occur– but rather the result of how we choose to react to those events, people, and experiences. Most of these behavioral and emotional choices, of course, happen subconsciously and therefore automatically; they manifest through the emotional and behavioral...

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I Think Therefore, I Hmm…

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In 1637, Renes Descartes coined, “Cognito, ergo sum,” I think therefore I am. Originally written in French, “Je ense, donc je suis,” it is best known both in Latin form and as representative of “the mind-body problem” or dualism, a concept intrinsic to modern science and philosophy. In essence, dualism promotes the idea of isolation and separation in the dynamics between thought and matter, between the cerebral and corporal. A striking example of this thinking is found in traditional allopathic medicine wherein the human mind and body have...

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Personal Growth & Changing Your Life

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Wanting vs. Doing Wanting change is one thing. Doing change is quite another. Facing or creating change in your life change represents forging into the unknown, the unfamiliar. And even though a given change or event may be desirable at a conscious level, as a species, and through evolution, we have developed an inborn resistance to these changes at the subconscious level.   This unease, fearful, sometimes anxious feeling is a caused by the inappropriate triggering of an ancient survival mechanism called fight or flight, a trait we share...

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5 Keys to The Door of Happiness

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  Ever remember being a little kid, finding a locked door, and wanting oh so much to know what was on the other side? If only you had the key, you could open it up and find out. Most of my work as a personal empowerment specialist and spiritual teacher involves helping my clients find the keys to unlocking the door to their desired outcomes.  Regardless of the core issue or issues that clients or students feel are holding them back in life, be it low self-confidence or self-esteem, an unwanted or unhealthy habit or behavior, a fear,...

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Battle of the Wolves

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        I was looking for a Native American reference in response to a reader’s email request, and in the process I ran across this wonderful parable, supposedly originally from the Cherokee nation. It’s one of my favorites. I love it for it’s simplicity and poignancy so I thought I’d share it.   An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he...

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Creating Great Midlife Relationships

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If you missed Last First Date, How to Create Successful Midlife Relationships, with Sandy Weiner last Thursday it’s not too late to listen in. It was a great show. Enjoy! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lastfirstdate/2014/03/27/the-keys-to-successful-midlife-relationships       And don’t forget to check out www.hypnotherapylosangeles.com for all the latest information about hypnosis as a powerful agent for creating change and transformation and Dr. John’s exclusive methods to make it happen more quickly than you...

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A Free Gift on Your Way to Empowerment

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    If there is one universal tool to assist and accelerate the process of personal empowerment and the generation of enlightenment it is the consistent practice of mediation. There are several forms of meditation and they are all powerful and of great use as you generate change growth and transformation in your life; but surely one of the most powerful is what I like to call dynamic meditation because of it’s ability to stimulate and generate an energetic vibration that in turn helps us feel what the new version of us will...

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