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Combat The Mental Stress On A War Footing

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Stress is something very common in this competitive world. People of every age feel the stress. As children, there is tremendous stress on you to achieve good marks and excel in your studies. As young professionals, you are always under stress to perform well in your organizations. Middle-aged professionals feel a different kind of stress in balancing their family life and their official responsibilities. Senior citizens have their individual stress when they see that they do not fit properly into the world of their young children and...

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What Me Worry?

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So who doesn’t worry from time to time? Truth is no doesn’t, or to state it more correctly, we all do it. But have you ever really stopped to consider what worrying really is, and what it does to us? In this episode we will take a look at both those questions and toss around an idea or two that might help you cut your worrying time down to a minimum; maybe even give it up. Worrying is like being stuck in a snowbank or a mud ditch; the more you spin your tires, the deeper you get stuck, and the more likely whatever you’re...

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Living Life Your Way

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Journalist and writer Christopher Morley said, “There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss this concept with radio host Tim Laskis, who’s show focuses on empowering the entrepreneurial spirit. We had a great conversation that received such positive feedback I thought I’d share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as you delight in living your life in your own way. It truly is so worth doing as it leads to making Rule #1, Life is Supposed to be Fun, a no-brainer.  When I...

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Awaken the Artist Within

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Of all human endeavors, the arts– music, painting, sculpture, poetry, film, theater, all of them, bring out the very best in us; both in terms of what it means to be an artist, and what it takes to create great art.  Did you know that you have a great artist within you? You do, and here’s how to bring it out while making your life so very much better. And all it takes is a little practice. Enjoy!!...

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3 Common Myths on Hypnosis Debunked

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 3 Common Myths on Hypnosis Debunked There have been many myths surrounding hypnosis. Some people base their views on the subject based on what is portrayed in pop culture. Others lack clarity as to what it actually entails. To understand hypnosis better it is best to look again at some of the popular myths. Myth: Hypnosis Does Not Work For a long time hypnosis was seen as a fad or pseudo science by some. However, there are research studies to show that hypnosis indeed can help individuals find a solution for their physiological or mental...

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The Saga of Erguhart Castle

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In the middle of the Scottish Highlands, on the shores of Loch Ness, lie the ruins of Erguhart Castle. This castle has stood on these shores for almost 1000 years, and in the story of it’s history one finds an incredibly profound lesson on living life to the fullest. Just click on the photo below. Enjoy!...

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4 Science Backed Benefits of Meditation

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Science Backed Benefits of Meditation There are many different types of meditation techniques used by meditation teachers and practitioners today. Regardless of the type of meditation one chooses to practice, it is important to note that there are science backed benefits that can help an individual grow in all aspects of his life. Reduces Anxiety There have been more than a dozen studies that have shown that mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety. Scientists have tracked the neural mechanisms that caused anxiety relief. They found that...

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A “New” Tool for Healthy Living

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For many people the word “hypnosis” evokes images of piercing eyes, swinging watches, goofy stage-show volunteers, or bad plot lines in bad movies— people losing control of their minds, forced to act against their will, or getting stuck in some zombie-like netherworld. But it’s a new day. These notions¾all archaic and all nonsense¾are rapidly succumbing to the cold logic of modern science. As Western healthcare both acknowledges and exploits the unequivocal connection between the mind and body, therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy is finding...

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Creating a Better You: The Power of Intent and intention

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By: John McGrail, Ph.D. The whole concept of becoming better than before implies change of some sort; moving in some way from where we are to where we want to be. The change can be physical, emotional or spiritual. And in truth all change involves all three energies. One of the most powerful ingredients in harnessing one’s energies to create change is the energy of intention or intent. If we look at the dictionary definition of intent we see words like purpose, motive, aim, design, and goal; and next to these words we see descriptors like,...

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Hypnotherapy: Skeleton Key for the Mind

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 Skeleton keys are designed to open a variety of locks; they are somewhat of a universal tool, thus allowing anyone who has one to open a lot of different doors. If only there was such a device to help us open our minds enough to enable us to create personal change and transformation and tackle the bigger issues we face; you know, the “stuff” like negative habits, feelings, behaviors and physical conditions that hold so many of us back in life. Well there is, and it’s called hypnosis, a naturally occurring state of consciousness that in...

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