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Turn Your Worries Off, Turn Your Life On

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Turn Your Worries Off, Turn Your Life On Worrying is only a waste of time, to begin with. It does not accomplish anything and your compounding thoughts just become a hindrance that stops you from living a full life. Sometimes these unfounded speculations do not even come true forcing you to think of something deeper and far worst. The vicious cycle continues on and on that, it becomes a daily part of your existence. If you want to get out of the habit, Dr. John McGrail can help you get a new perspective on life. His effective hypnotherapy,...

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The Tides of Emotion

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The Tides of Emotion There is nothing that feels worse than to suddenly find yourself in the muck and mire of a really bad mood and not even know where it came from or worse, when it will leave. I call these moments emotional low tides, cause it’s just like low tide at the beach; smelly, mucky, and well, just not much fun. For people like you who have learned to seek and live in a positive energy, letting life be fun, (Rule #1) it’s even more distressing. You find yourself asking, What the heck is going on here, and your...

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One Last Cigarette? Who Are You Kidding?

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One Last Cigarette? Who Are You Kidding? In the history of this world, there hasn’t been one positive report on cigarettes. They are a health hazard, whichever way you look at them. Millions of people indulge in this harmful practice, knowing full well the dangers of it, but we all know how addictive cigarettes are. Articles have been published, solely talking about the vice and why you should kick it to the curb. If you need one last gloomy reminder, here are three solid points. Cancer Will Catch Up With You Do you know that nearly one in...

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy– Right Now and Here’s How

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Why wait for happiness when you can have it right now, today? Why wait, indeed. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!   Don’t Worry, be...

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Making Choices That Will Make You Happy

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Making Choices That Will Make You Happy Every year, we wake up to new inventions. New studies are conducted that bring some dull information such as a reducing life expectancy, or we get to learn new methods of communication that tear us even further away from each other. While some innovations are meant to make work easier or to make us more productive, they may also lead to the increasing stress on society. How do you deal with this stress? Whatever You Put Out Into The Universe… The universe does really pay you back. At times, it is easy...

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The New Philosophy; No More Worries

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Are you tired of letting your worries get the best of you? Well enough is enough! Here’s a solution that’s fun, effective and free, and it just might change your life in a very powerful way. The new philosophy is an activity invented many years ago in a little pub in West Haven Connecticut, and it turned out to be one of the best ideas I ever had; long before I was doing what I do today. Everyone I know who has tried this loves it; it’s like a game you play with a few well chosen friends, way better than Pokemon Go, and it...

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Tackling Modern Life Challenges Through Synthesis Effect

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Tackling Modern Life Challenges Through Synthesis Effect We can’t ignore the fact that modern life is presenting many challenges to almost everyone. Lifestyle changes, inability to tap and harness our potential, conflicts in relationships, financial issues, lack of motivation, and inability to connect our cognitive part, spiritual part, and the conscious part are slowly crippling us down. Dr. John McGrail tries to bring light into the dark situation by showing us how we can create a transformational change and personal growth in ourselves to...

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How Hypnosis Can Benefit Your Health

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There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to hypnosis, but the truth is, hypnosis can have very positive effects on your overall well-being. One way hypnosis can improve your well-being is in regards to your health. Hypnosis involves the therapist guiding your body into a relaxed state in order to deliver helpful and self-improving suggestions to your subconscious. Through the process of hypnosis, you are able to accept a new way of thought that can help you overcome many obstacles in life. Here are three ways in which hypnosis...

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Combat The Mental Stress On A War Footing

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Stress is something very common in this competitive world. People of every age feel the stress. As children, there is tremendous stress on you to achieve good marks and excel in your studies. As young professionals, you are always under stress to perform well in your organizations. Middle-aged professionals feel a different kind of stress in balancing their family life and their official responsibilities. Senior citizens have their individual stress when they see that they do not fit properly into the world of their young children and...

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What Me Worry?

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So who doesn’t worry from time to time? Truth is no doesn’t, or to state it more correctly, we all do it. But have you ever really stopped to consider what worrying really is, and what it does to us? In this episode we will take a look at both those questions and toss around an idea or two that might help you cut your worrying time down to a minimum; maybe even give it up. Worrying is like being stuck in a snowbank or a mud ditch; the more you spin your tires, the deeper you get stuck, and the more likely whatever you’re...

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