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How to Overcome Your Fears with The Help of A Life Coach

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There is a common acronym for FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real A lot of people have succumbed to panic. They live most of their lives in the realm of fear. Your fears keep you where you are, and they don’t generally reflect the reality of your situation. What fear does is reflect what your mind perceives as reality. Most of your fears actually don’t exist and as such you are held back by an imaginary divide. Dr.JohnMcgrail.com will tell you three main truths about fear: Fear keeps you in the small life Compulsion is a bold way to overcome your fears Most of your fears are unfounded You need to understand that what lies beyond that small life is not what you’re afraid of, but great things. The wall fear builds around your life is so real that it keeps you in small life, away from the wonderful possibilities, probably for the rest of your life. Have you ever wondered: Who would you become if there wasn’t anything to fear? What would you achieve if you weren’t afraid anymore? What things would you want to do if fear was not in the equation? You are not alone, the most successful and courageous people have fears too. The difference between you and them is what they choose to do in the face of fear. When you decide to venture into something new or step out of your comfort zone, fear may creep in. You can, however, choose not to allow anything to hold you back. Coaching offers you a framework to help you maintain positive energy and focus. By doing so, you will be empowered to face your fears and make them work for you and not against you. The result of this is better and informed choices which will bring about a real transformation in your...

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy In Childbirth

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy In Childbirth There are many methods for pain management during childbirth, but one you might not have considered or heard much about is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is used during childbirth to take the mother’s mind off of the pain and allow her to experience natural childbirth in a relaxed state of mind, all while still being present throughout the birth of her child. Hypnotherapy is an option for mothers who want to experience natural childbirth without any pain medication. There are no side effects from hypnotism and you can still be present without the presence of pain. Hypnotherapy applies tools that the mother is taught to convince her mind that her body can handle the pain. This can be accomplished because of the deep state of mental and physical relaxation that the mind experiences during hypnotism. The mother is hypnotized to focus all of her attention and energy on one thought, likely that she is not experiencing any pain, and is, therefore, able to overcome her fear and pain and experience childbirth in a relaxed state. Many believe that hypnosis during childbirth releases more of the hormones that allow a mother to feel good, which therefore blocks out all of the pain. So during childbirth, the mother would have a higher level of endorphins and serotonin being released into her body due to the hypnosis, rather than experiencing the pain. Therefore she is more relaxed and her muscles are ease, relieving some pain. If you are an expectant mother who would like to enjoy the process of natural childbirth but might be a little frightened by the idea of the pain, hypnotism might be the best option for you. With the right amount of practice leading up to the birth of your child, you could have a pain free natural...

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Personal Empowerment; Solving the Riddle

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Let’s face it, we all, at some time or another have issues in our lives that keep up from living according to Rule # 1: Life is Supposed to be Fun. Life in those times can be anything but fun. These limitations to our fun can look differently; fears, phobias, habits, emotions, stress, anxiety, and on and on the list goes. Did you ever wonder, is there anything common to all these? And if so, what, and if so, how can it help me to know what it is? The question suggests a bit of a riddle and in this latest episode of A Better You in a Minute or Two, we take a look at it all; Rule #1, the issues that hold us back, and we answer the riddle, which can lead to some interesting insights and hopefully guidance toward transcendence. Cool beans. Click on the pondering person to find the...

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What are You Afraid Of? Fears & Phobias

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So what are you afraid of? We all have fears; it’s a natural defense mechanism designed by Mother Nature to protect us and keep us out of harm’s way. But normal fears have big, mean cousins called phobias. These can be normal fears that somehow get out of hand so the fear you feel is far in excess of the actual risk, or worse, a fear that is totally irrational, so you are afraid of something that poses no risk at all. Either way, phobias can have a devastatingly negative impact on the quality of your life; they can rule you to the extent that you aren’t able to participate in what would be considered every day, routine activities.  When that happens, as Scoobie-Do would say, “Ruh, Ro.” Fortunately, for the most part phobias are easily treated, and what seemed horrifying can become a non entity in a very short time with a genuine desire, a willingness to do the work and the appropriate treatment. You can be right back in the game, flying, driving on the freeway, giving presentations, going to the doctor or dentist, swimming in the big blue ocean, or enjoying a movie in a small theater, or… fill in your blank. This episode of A Better You in a Minute or Two takes a look at this phenomenon and having worked with hundreds of sacredly cats and phobics of one sort or another–would you believe a phobia of pickles?– I can attest that these pests of the human mind can be exterminated quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to live your life again. Just click on the poor, frightened lady below. Oh, she is looking at a picture of a spider; for the most part harmless little creatures that if left alone are a great benefit to us humans– that is when we no longer fear them. A Better You In a Minute or Two #40 What are You Afraid...

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Embracing Meditation

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Embracing Meditation Here are a number of things to convince you to embrace meditation with the help of DrJohnMcGrail.com Anyone can practice meditation. You do not necessarily have to be religious. This practice helps you realize and appreciate that time and especially the present is precious. Meditation focuses on mind decluttering, maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of stressful situations and being mindful of yourself and others. A meditation expert has the ability to create a positive and lasting change in your life. Practicing meditation enhances self-awareness and helps you appreciate life and everything in it. Both good and bad. Meditation has quite a number of health benefits like lowering your blood pressure. With the daily pressures of life, it is essential that you find an effective release like practicing meditation. If you have trouble falling asleep, meditation is the perfect solution. With this practice, counting sheep all night long will become a thing of the past. When you meditate you will relax, be calmer and get to sleep all through the night. Meditation sharpens your mind, memory, and level of concentration. It clears your mind and helps you focus. This practice teaches you to concentrate on the present and on whatever you are doing thereby, avoiding unnecessary mistakes. It gives you the opportunity to look at the present non-judgmentally. The importance of meditation cannot be overemphasized. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, then meditation could be exactly the remedy that you need. Meditation effectively manages depression. Part of the meditation process involves training your mind and brain to be calm in the face of pressure, stress, and anxiety. Meditation will elevate your moods making you happier. People who have made meditation a part of their lifestyle are happier as opposed to those who don’t. All you need is just a few minutes of meditation every day to see the...

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Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation and Behavior Change

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Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation and Behavior Change Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that can influence behavior change including smoking cessation. Unfortunately, it has often been plagued by misunderstandings and myths about what it is and what it can do. Here are a few things you need to know about Concept of Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy can introduce suggestions into the mind through hyperfocus, suggestibility, or relaxation. Using these techniques, a practitioner trained in hypnotherapy seeks to quiet the mind and bring the subconscious to the foreground. The subconscious mind is responsible for automatic actions such as yawning, scratching, or reaching out for the cigarette. Despite scientific evidence of its efficacy, many scientists have still not pinpointed the brain circuitry that is responsible for the hypnotic effect. Brain imaging shows that during hypnosis, certain areas of the brain concerned with attention become less active allowing for reception of suggestion. Types of Hypnosis The most common form of hypnosis is the traditional one now done by medical practitioners qualified in the practice. In conventional hypnosis, the patient is given direct suggestions, such as “I will quit smoking, or I no longer feel the urge to smoke”. Another form of hypnosis is the Ericksonian hypnosis that uses indirect suggestions. Some people do not respond very well to direct suggestions but can gain positive results. The Ericksonian Hypnosis uses statements like, “Don’t you just hate the smell of cigarettes?” These suggestions have an indirect implication that can trigger behavior change when repeated during a hypnotic trance. Getting Results You can either have a practitioner take you through hypnosis or you could do it yourself at home through self-hypnosis audios and videos. You will need to take several sessions for the suggestion to stick onto your subconscious mind, therefore, do not worry if you relapse at first. Hypnosis is a scientifically proven technique that is affordable, safe, non-intrusive and easy to implement technique you can use to make positive changes in your...

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Positive Effects of Hypnotherapy

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Positive Effects of Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is growing more and more popular as people learn about the details of how it works and what it can do for them. The process of hypnotherapy is to allow the mind to flow into a natural state. When hypnotized, the individual is always in control, contrary to what some people might tend to think in regards to hypnotherapy. They cannot be told or instructed to do anything that they do not want to do or say. Hypnotherapy has a variety of positive effects, and below are just a few of the many. If you find yourself struggling with something or just in need of a change, see what hypnotherapy can do for you. Addiction Hypnotherapy is often used in treating addiction. While there are many factors that contribute to alcohol and drug addiction, hypnotherapy can be paired with other treatments so that the individual can thrive in recovery. Because hypnotherapy can be used to change behaviors, it makes it a great tool for combatting addiction. Addiction treatment via hypnotherapy can also address other addictions such as food, gambling, and more. Weight Loss Weight loss is a struggle for most people. It can be so difficult to make the right choices for our bodies, be it eating more healthy foods or exercising more frequently. With the use of hypnotherapy, individuals can learn to make better choices that impact their decisions for their health. When pairing hypnotherapy with healthy eating and exercising, the results have been proven solid. Stress Stress is something we all deal with in life, some more than others. Hypnotherapy is a great relaxation technique that can help you cope with life’s daily stresses. Relaxing your mind will, in turn, relax your body and return it to a more calm state, allowing you to manage stress more...

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Communications– How Do You Stack Up?

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Have you ever slaved over an email or text because you really needed to get your message across accurately, and the person on the other end was really important in your life, like maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, a close friend or your boss, and then had it blow up in your face? I bet the answer is yes, and you might have wondered what went wrong. Well here’s why it probably happened and here’s how you can avoid it in the future. This is something I work with a lot with my clients and discuss on hypnotherapylosangeles. Enjoy!  ...

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How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Meditation may seem like an activity that is simply relaxing. But in reality, it can do a lot of things for you such as help you manifest your goals. Here’s how it does that: It helps you affirm your capabilities. Your beliefs help shape your reality. If you do not think that you are capable of achieving something, then you will end up acting accordingly by not trying hard enough. Meditating and affirming to yourself that you can achieve your goals can help re-wire your brain to be more productive and optimistic. The more secure you feel about your worthiness and abilities, the more other people will perceive you as capable and hence offer your more opportunities. When you meditate, it is important that you allow yourself to be more open to opportunities and find in yourself the courage to take on new challenges. It aids in visualization. Visualization is a huge part of manifesting your desires. However, the problem is that most people are not diligent when it comes to visualizing what they want to happen. Visualization needs to be done daily, or even a couple of times a day. Be clear about what you really want and tell yourself that you have what it takes to realize that dream. That should help you have more motivation to strive harder. It connects you to the deepest part of yourself. Timing is a crucial element. Once you are presented with the opportunities, you would want to be completely ready for them. Now, how do you prepare yourself? You do so by getting in touch with your inner self and finding your center. Your center is the one that will guide you through obstacles and help you fulfill huge responsibilities. It is also your center that will help you see the bigger picture and make the right decisions.   Meditating will help you feel worthy of your goals, and will also allow you to be brave when it comes to achieving them. You can always do your research on how to meditate, but it will be better if there is someone who can guide you along the way. Dr. John McGrail, a self-improvement expert, and spiritual teacher can help you lead a better life. Get in touch with him at (310) 235-2883 or (800)...

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The Formula for Change (Part 1)

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So now, you’ve decided to make that change in your life; after all, when you asked yourself that key question, Why not me? and you got the right answer, Yeah, why NOT me? I deserve to have my life working the way I want it to work. To that I say, AWESOME! Way to go. You deserve it and you will be glad you made the decision to act. But, now what? What do you do to make it happen? I know, yet more questions.  But there is an answer. There are certain energies that you MUST bring to bear if you want your desire for change to become real. It’s kinda like a recipe. Without the right mixture of ingredients you can’t make the dish. Here then, is the recipe or what I call the Formula for Change (Part 1). This formula is tried and true and I give it to all my clients on day 1 of our working together. I have never seen it fail to produce incredible results if followed closely with consistency. It’s all about getting your mind working in the right way to promote manifestation. Click on the cosmic mind below and start cooking!...

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