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Transforming Your Life; a Simple Proposition (The Secrets of Synthesis)

By on Mar 13, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

It is not a stretch to say that 21st Century, Western society is in trouble. Our culture exudes a general belief that life is supposed to be a struggle, full of challenges, trials, and tribulations. We are inundated by a seemingly endless and pervasive torrent of negativity through the media: “Stay tuned for another disaster…details at 11:00.” This sort of thinking is integral to our mass consciousness are suffering for it both individually and collectively Millions of us are terrified, depressed, stressed, anxious, obese, insomniac, and angry.    I have dedicated most of the last twenty years to helping people overcome these patterns. One of the true joys of being in private clinical practice as what I like to call a personal empowerment specialist is that I get to help my clients and students transcend all that societal and personal dis-ease; to first overcome whatever personal issue led them to seek my assistance—and those issues represent virtually the entire spectrum of human thought, feeling, behavior and emotion, so it’s never dull or boring— and then to take what they’ve learned through Synthesis and literally empower and supercharge the quality of their lives in virtually every and any way imaginable.     What’s even more exciting is that this personal evolution happens so quickly; the average client is with me for no longer than about 3-5 sessions. Some of these people have been in conventional therapy for years with no real tangible change to show for it, and yet in the span of 3-5 weeks they are different people. I’m asked to do a lot of interviews and motivational presentations and when I mention that most of my clients do so well so quickly, the first question I hear is, “How is this possible?” The answer is simple; they learn the secrets of living in Synthesis, of purposefully employing and manipulating the energies of both their conscious and unconscious mind to then balance and integrate that energy to create a new reality, whatever that may mean for a given individual. What are these secrets? I’d like to share them with you.  Secret # 1: Choose to live “at cause” rather than “at effect.” Being at cause can be summarized in one...

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