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A Free Gift on Your Way to Empowerment

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    If there is one universal tool to assist and accelerate the process of personal empowerment and the generation of enlightenment it is the consistent practice of mediation. There are several forms of meditation and they are all powerful and of great use as you generate change growth and transformation in your life; but surely one of the most powerful is what I like to call dynamic meditation because of it’s ability to stimulate and generate an energetic vibration that in turn helps us feel what the new version of us will...

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The Great American Smokeout

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Quit Smoking: The Gift of Life   Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Amercian Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke-out.  I can honestly say that while I work across the spectrum of behavioral and emotional issues with my clients, one of my favorite things to do is help someone quit smoking for good. As  a formerly addicted smoker– I quit 15 years ago– I often say that next to marrying my wife, quitting smoking was the best decision I ever made; and I stand by that. So, when my good friend and colleague, renowned...

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I Think, Therefore I Hmm

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I Think Therefore, I Hmm… In 1637, Renes Descartes coined, “Cognito, ergo sum,” I think therefore I am.  Originally written in French, “Je ense, donc je suis,” it is best known both in Latin form and as representative of “the mind-body problem” or dualism, a concept intrinsic to modern science and philosophy. In essence, dualism promotes the idea of isolation and separation in the dynamics between thought and matter, between the cerebral and corporal. A striking example of this thinking is found in traditional allopathic medicine wherein the...

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Hypnosis, Nature’s Swiss Army Knife

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Hypnosis: Nature’s Swiss Army Knife  With its myriad attachments and implements the Swiss Army Knife is truly a nifty device, allowing allows us to easily accomplish numerous tasks, from filing nails to opening a bottle of wine. If only there was such a tool to help us transcend the bigger issues we face in life; you know, the “stuff” like negative habits, feelings, behaviors and physical conditions that hold so many of us back. Well there is, and it’s called hypnosis, a naturally-occurring state of consciousness that in clinical applications...

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Overcoming Procrastination: What are you waiting for?

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Beating procrastination can literally lead to a whole new life— all it takes is a desire tochange, a decision to act, and a little help from your subconscious mind. Ask any random group of people what they’d like to change in their life and chances areyou will hear a great list of worthy goals: Find a new job, better relationships, make moremoney, stop smoking, lose weight, build confidence, de-clutter my life, etc. Chances arejust as likely that these same people will provide a million reasons as to why they haven’tstarted doing anything...

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Mindfulness: It’s Never Too Early

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Here is a short but very informative article concerning teens and mindfulness. If you have a teen or know one, please check this out. http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1008399/mindfulness-training-for-teen-stress...

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Beyond Science & Religion

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Asking the Tough Questions   Conversations Beyond Science & Religion   So often we don’t ask the big questions, but Philip Mereton does. This was one of the most interesting and engaging conversations I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in recently; hope you check it out via the link below and send me your comments.                   http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/conversations-beyond-science-and-religion/    ...

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Personal Growth & the Law of Attraction: Seeing to Believe or Believing to See

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A Quick Case Study Those of you familiar with my work and my Synthesis process know that I base a lot of my models and techniques for creating personal growth and transformation around the integration of spirituality and science. Within the realm of ancient spiritual wisdom, there is a generally accepted principle that we create our own reality through the energies (thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and behaviors) that we first project and then subsequently attract back through what is called, the law of attraction, which states, That...

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A Tip for Instant Empowerment

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  Let ‘Em Be Right   Of all the tools and techniques that I have learned and use in my Synthesis process, one of the most powerful and effective, the one most all of my clients appreciate and rave about is the art of allowance.   For those of you who may new to this blog, the art of allowance involves a very simple strategy: simply allowing other people to be whom and what they are.  So often we find ourselves trying to change others to suit our viewpoints and values; trying to get them to “see the light and the error of their ways.”...

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Synthesis and The Four Agreements– Always Do Your Best

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Synthesis & the Four Agreements  Always do Your Best And so we come to the last, but certainly not least of Don Miguel’s four agreements, “Always do your best.” This one in some ways is the easiest to understand, and it’s not a stretch to say that the other three fit nicely into this one.  If you practice the first three agreements, you will be doing very nicely.                               If you commit to always do your best, regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what it is you are doing, you will never have to regret...

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